Leadership Advisory

Our Leadership Advisory Practice

The quality of Human Capital depends on the ability of an organization to attract, engage, develop and retain talent. We help our clients when they need to re-address the strategy and align the organization, ensuring that the key members of the team are engaged and competent. We assess the quality of management not only against a standard, but also against what is available on the market.  

Assessing Organization and facilitating changes

In a business world that evolves rapidly, companies need to visualize their future and prepare the organization in time.
In this process, often critical for the company’s continued success on the market, Frezza & Partners support their clients in:


  • %Assessment of the organization’s current strengths and weaknesses:

We evaluate the consistency of the elements of the organization that influence the effectiveness of the human factor, such as sharing strategy and objectives, the structures in place, the decision making process, the reward and control systems, the design and management of the feedback process.


  • %The definition of the “future state” and the consistent redesign of the organization:

We help management in defining the changes in the market, (competition, customer characteristics and expectations, regulations, technology, etc) and in designing an organization (design elements and operating principles) that can be effective in the new scenario.


  • %Preparation of the human capital for the future scenario:

We assess management’s alignment to new scenarios, particularly in terms of leadership competencies, and we support our clients with development and training plans, individual and team coaching programs consistent with the future stated needs.

Management Assessment

In a competitive scenario, the quality of the people is the key factor for the success of an organization.

Search & Advisory assesses the quality of management not only against a standard, but also against what is available on the market. We assess managers on a leadership model which is adapted to our client, but is fundamentally based on:


“Knowing where to go”, which implies business understanding, market knowledge, ability at gauging trends and at having a vision of the future, on top of strong technical competence.

Communication, involving the appropriate internal and external stakeholders.

Mobilizing resources, influencing and motivating members of the organization, different functions, subordinates, partners, suppliers and customers.

Our process includes structured interviews, case analysis, psychological tests and, if appropriate, 360° feedback collection. Our reports are customized to our clients’ needs: informative, to support decisions on organizational issues, action-oriented to capitalize on individual strengths or to improve weaknesses.